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Soft Fleece Dog Products

Dog Harness, Dog Leads and Dog Collars
Soft Fleece dog products and Soft Mesh dog products are the inspiration behind the Nordic Lights product series for dog products. The padding used is the softest fleece, that is gentle to dogs neck.  In the product line there are Y-harness and soft martingale collar and matching leash with soft handgrip. These look great on Large Dogs and Small Dogs. Colors available: pink, lime, red and turquoise. You will not be disappointed with these dog products, the quality is lovely, they are comfy for the dogs, you can wash them by hand (no softener) and they come clean like brand new. Have a look at my facebook reviews.

Soft Fleece Dog Harness


Size cm-in
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Soft Fleece Dog leads


Nordic Lights Soft Leash
Lapland’s Colorful Nordic Lights are the inspiration behind the No... Read More

Soft Mesh Dog Harness


Nordic Lights Soft Mesh dog Harness's are comfortable dog harnesses

Neck  &n... Read More

Soft Mesh Dog Collar


Nordic Lights Mesh Collar
Nordic Light Mesh collar is a martingale collar, that is easy to p... Read More

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