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About Au'roar'a Specialist Pet Products

This site also offers help and advice with your pets special needs, right from using the right shampoo for your dog to playing with toys and having fun. We aim to help with the tough times also, when your pet may need special help as they may be getting older, injured, disabled or have had surgery and your pet is having difficulty walking.

My Story

Recently one of our dogs had disc surgery, the products recommended for the recovery were not really successful so we found ourselves improvising with everyday type products, this has inspired me to open up this web site to help others. One of my main focuses is to help owners with post operative care for dogs and other pets, but also disabled pets in fact any pet that needs assistance with standing and walking, climbing stairs or being lifted.
A Harness, Sling or  Wheelchair may help make them mobile again. Pets, especially dogs, lose the use of their legs for a number of reasons – accident, old age, slipped disc, cancer or a degenerative condition such as hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy. See the disabled pet tab to see what can be done and contact us for more information.
We also have had Show dogs for many years, including Standard Poodles, English Toy Terriers, Lowchen, English Bull Terrier and Coton de Tulears, and we have found it difficult to find products and accessories that work well for our particular dogs. They have ranged from poodles with grooming issues, white dogs with coat staining issues to dogs with allergies, I want to share what I have learnt by selling shampoos and conditioners, creams and many other products that I personally have used on dogs within my circle.
I will be introducing some affordable fun and quality products too both for pets and animal lovers alike.
Au'roar'a only supplies goods to mainland UK only.
We love looking after your loved ones!
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