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About Au'roar'a Dog Training and Dog Training Products

My mission as Au'roar'a the Dog Trainer in Brmingham is to help enable everyone to be able to enjoy a walk with their dog.
Auroara trains you to train your dog, this will empower you and give you confidence. My one to one training includes walking with another dog and owner can have a positive impact on both you and the dog, you will be doing general dog training on the walk and
pick up many tips and ways to handle situations that arise during the dogwalks. I also currently take voluntary classes twice a week fora local community centre. If you are local and are interested in one to one dog training in Acocks Green Contact Dawn on 07736 439000

If your dog is pulling on the lead, lunging at people, scared of the traffic, maybe anxious and you are you struggling to know what to do and its making your walks miserable look at some of my Non Pull Harnesses and Gencon headcollar and leads.

I sell good quality NON PULL HARNESSES that have a loop at the front and on the back, I also sell the Gencon " Clip to Collar Gencon Dog Headcollar" which is an excellent training tool to stop dogs from pulling.  Made as a one size fits all, I als sell the traditional Gencon All-In-One Dog Headcollar that has not clip to collar for the more confident owners.

I also sell traditional Dog Collars, Dog Leads and Dog Harnesses.

Also I am one of the unfortunate dog owners whose dogs had IVDD, having gone through such a traumatic thing, I wanted to share the information and products that helped me through . I started this web site to enable me to inform other people of products and encouraged people to send in the questions which are displayed on the Q & A page.
We love looking after your loved ones!
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